Crush the Resistance

Probably the most difficult mission of the game. You’ll be on the back foot right from the beginning as you storm the beach and attempt to set up a base. Quickly group your fighting units and target the enemy Tanks and Artillery one by one. Move your MCV over to the left and set up a base. In a few seconds you’ll be given more reinforcements but the Allied choppers will keep coming. If you have a V2 Rocket left over use it to take out the Turrets and Artillery guarding the bridge to the north.

You’ll need to move quickly to build a Power Station, Ore Refinery and Barracks. Build an Ore Factory, another 2 Ore Trucks and then start building defences. You’ll want to surround your base with Flame Towers and at least one Tesla Coil on each side. You’ll also need a couple of SAM Sites to prevent attacks from choppers.

Pretty soon the Allied Cruisers and Destroyers will come sailing past. If you built your base to the west of your starting position you should be fine, otherwise the Cruiser will start peppering your base as it sails down the eastern coast.

Build a Sub Pen to deal with the naval threat, while simultaneously defending your base from ground forces that are dropped off to the south and west of your base.

Once you have your base more or less defended take a group of subs around the eastern coast. Take out the Allied Ships and then destroy the bridge to the north of the small island above where your base is located. Leave the bridge linking your base with the island as you’ll want to take that over next.

Bring a group of V2 Rockets and Heavy Tanks across the bridge and destroy the forces there. Save the Construction Yard and take it over with an Engineer. You’ll want to build a Barracks and then Rocket Soldiers first to defend against Helicopter attacks.

Once you have the Allied Construction Yard you can build an Allied Tech Center for the GPS and then a Shipyard so you can build your own Cruisers. Once you have them you can start peppering the Allied forces to the north to whittle them down. Bring a group of Heavy Tanks or Mammoths around to the west, then north to destroy a small base there. Send them around to the east and sweep through all the Allied forces. Once the last Allied unit is destroyed the mission, and this campaign will be complete.

Congratulations on completing a very challenging mission!

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