Bridge over the River Grotzny

Allied forces are blocking a bridge, preventing your trucks from delivery supplies to Soviet forces on the other side. You’ll have to find another way around. There are 2 maps for this mission. Either way kill the attacking Allied forces and then retreat to set up a base.

If you took the left path you’ll need to retreat to the west before deploying your MCV. There are plenty of minerals on this map so all you need to do is defend your base until you can build up a large enough force to push through the enemy lines.

You start the mission with 11,500 credits so you can build 2 War Factories and plenty of tanks to protect your base. Use the Spy Plane from the Airfield to scout out the area and find out where the Allied forces are located. On the map I was playing, left path, there’s a small Allied base to the north. Bring around 20 tanks to take it out and then clear the way to the east, with the convoy trucks follow along behind. Once you reach the north-east side of the map the mission will be complete.

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