Secure the River

This mission has 2 maps, an upper route and a lower route. Either way you’ll be given 2 MCVs when you begin. Deploy one of them and save the other for when you cross to the other side of the river. Build a Power Plant, Refiner and War Factory as you normally would, and then a couple of extra Harvesters to gather ore in the fields.

You can explore a little with your tanks but don’t go too far north. There’s 2 Mammoths on patrol and they will wipe out your base if they spot you. Build a Tech Center as you’ll need the sight that GPS can give you.

Build a bunch of Tanks and send them north to deal with the Soviet base there. You can take one of their buildings over with an Engineer and build a Refinery so the Ore Trucks don’t have far to go to collect the minerals in the north. Next build a group of Destroyers and send them up the river to take out any subs that you find. Stay away from the Tesla Coils for now. Once the lower part of the river is clear you can send your second MCV across on a transport to set up a second base.

Use Longbows to take out the soviet Power Plants which should disable the Tesla Coils. The Destroyers should now be able to take out any Tesla Coils within range. Mop up any remaining troops and Soviet structures and wait for the fleet to make its way up the river to complete the mission.

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