Protect the Chronosphere

For this mission you need to protect the Research Center for 45 minutes. To make things more difficult your Mobile Construction Yard and your main force are separated from the Research Facility. You can build units but you won’t be able to construct new buildings until you get the Construction Yard down.

Bring your main force east and cross over the bridge. Use the Destroyer in the river to help take out the Soviet vehicles. Once the coast is clear bring the MCV and Minelayers to the Research Facility. Open up the construction yard and build a War Factory.

Use the Minelayers to place mines at both main entrances to the facility. You can bring them back to the Service Depot to reload their mines. You begin the mission with 12,000 credits so start pumping out Tanks. You’ll also want an Ore Refinery to gather the ore on the left side of the facility.

Group your Tanks together and send them to whatever side of the base needs it most. After the 45 minutes is up the mission will be complete.

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