Covert Cleanup

For the third mission you need to chase down a Spy before he escapes. When the mission begins he will blow up the Soviet base and make his escape down the path to the south. Your reinforcements, a small group of dogs, will come in from the north.

Send the dogs to kill the enemies guarding the farm to the east and 5 Infantry will run out and join you. Send the infantry down and blow up the barrels behind the Pillbox to blow it up. Send your dogs down next to take out the Rocket Soldiers.

Follow the path around to the west and you should see the Spy hiding in a church. When you follow him you’ll be ambushed by Rocket Soldiers but also given 5 Infantry as reinforcements.

The Spy gets away again so head north and take out the soldiers forming a barricade. Continue north and blow up the barrels around the wire fence. This should kill almost all of the enemy soldiers. You may see the Spy running off to the west. When you follow him you’ll be given more reinforcements.

Bring all your troops across to the west and watch out for the barrels by the small stream because Rocket Soldiers will blow them up. Cross the stream and the Spy will run out from another church. Kill him to win the mission.

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