Soviet Supremacy

Your mission is to capture the Chronosphere although strangely this is not possible in this mission. Instead you’ll need to destroy the Radar Domes and all other Allied units and structures. Deploy the MCV and keep your units close by to defend against the inevitable attack. Build a Power Plant, Ore Refinery, Barracks and War Factory. You’ll also want at least one or two Tesla Coils as the Allies will be transporting units to your coast every so often.

This is a fairly large map and you’ll need to wipe out all Allied units and structures. You’ll want an Airfield so you can get the Spy Planes scouting out the map as quickly as possible. On both maps you’ll need to clear out quite a few Allied ships so build a Sub Pen and start clearing out the seas.

Use the Spy Planes or Paratroopers to find the Allied Radar Domes, you’ll need to destroy them before approaching the Chronosphere or the Allies will destroy it. If you destroy or take over the Chronosphere the mission will be a failure so clear the map and once the last Allied unit is destroyed, apart from the Chronosphere, the mission will be complete.

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