Rescue Tanya

Tanya has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to rescue her. You begin the mission with a solitary Spy. The Spy can sneak past enemy units without being seen except for the dogs.

There are three different maps for this mission but the goal for each of them is the same. Look for a gap between the patrolling dogs and make your way to building where the Truck is parked. The Spy will drive the Truck through the enemy base to the facility where Tanys is being held prisoner.

Once Tanya comes out of the building use her to destroy the four SAM sites around the facility. A Chopper will come to pick her up and you’ll be given more reinforcements to destroy the Soviet base.

Included in the reinforcements are 5 Engineers. Unlike Command and Conquer they can’t take over a building unless it’s damaged to below 25% health. If you send an Engineer into an undamaged building he will only do some damage but not take it over.

Send your forces up to damage the Construction Yard, Barracks and War Factory. Send in the Engineers to take over the buildings and then repair them. Once you take over the Barracks you’ll be able to train more Engineers. Try to take one of the Power Plants as well because if you have no power building and training units will take a very long time.

Build up your base and start gathering a group of around 12+ Light Tanks. You’ll be able to use these to push through the Soviet Compound and destroy their Construction Yard. With their Construction Yard gone the enemy may decide to sell their entire base and send all of their forces straight for you. Once they’ve all been destroyed the mission will end.

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