Investigate Elba Island

The Allies have set up a base on Elba Island. You must eliminate all Allied forces on the island. The locals are also working with the Allies. When you begin the mission your small base will be under attack by the locals. Quickly build a Barracks and they’ll run away.

Train a handful of Infantry to protect your base then build an Ore Refinery. Next go for a Power Plant, Weapons Factory and 2 more Ore Trucks before building some Heavy Tanks.

There are 2 routes for this mission. If you took the left path the tan base a large ore field will be to the west with the tan base to the north and Allied base to the north east. If you took the right path the large ore field will be to the north, the tan base to the west and the Allied base to the north west.

You have access to Tesla Coils to better protect your base. Build a few or make sure you always have a few tanks around the base to protect your buildings.

When you’re ready send around a dozen Heavy Tanks to destroy the tan base. Keep the Construction Yard intact and send an Engineer to take it over. With 2 bases operational you should have no trouble building up a sizeable force and crushing the Allied base. Around 20 tanks should be enough to completely wipe them out. They may have a few boats in the sea so take them out with V2 Rockets or send out the Subs to hunt them down.

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