Supply Convoy

A convoy is due to pass through the area in 25 minutes but Soviet forces have blockaded the road. You must clear the area of all enemy forces so the supply convoy can pass by unhindered.

Start by building up your base as quickly as possible. There are ore fields to the north and south west of your base. It’s worthwhile to build Pillboxes around your base as defensive structures as you’ll be coming back to this area in a later mission and you’ll have the same base that you finish this mission with.

Build up your forces with Infantry and Jeeps. Keep some of your soldiers at your main base in case the Soviets attack from another direction. The small Soviet base it to the west but forces are scattered all around the map.

Send out your forces to wipe out the enemies scattered around the map. You may want to start by taking the southern path and then looping around in a clockwise direction to make sure the entire area is clear. Once the last Soviet unit has fallen the mission will be complete and the Supply Convoy will arrive.

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