Command and Conquer: Red Alert is one of the classic real time strategy games set in an alternate history where Hitler was assassinated and the Allied Forces battle for control over Europe with the Soviet Union. It was produced by Westwood Studios and released in 1996.

The Allied Forces Soviet Union have their own tech tree and unique units, as well as their own solo player campaign. In most of the missions you’ll need to mine ores using harvesters and use the processed goods to purchase buildings, train troops or purchase military equipment. The Allied units are faster to build and cheaper but less powerful whereas the Soviet units are heavier but cost more and take longer to build.

Allied Missions

Mission 1: Rescuing Einstein
Mission 2: Supply Convoy
Mission 3: Destroy the Bridges
Mission 4: Hold the Pass
Mission 5: Rescue Tanya
Mission 6: Infiltrate the Enemy
Mission 7: Capture the Radar
Mission 8: Protect the Chronosphere
Mission 9: Extract Kosygin from the Riga Compound
Mission 10: Suspicion
Mission 11: Secure the River
Mission 12: Takedown
Mission 13: Focused Blast
Mission 14: No Remorse

Soviet Missions

Mission 1: Lesson in Blood
Mission 2: The Thin Red Line
Mission 3: Covert Cleanup
Mission 4: Behind the Lines
Mission 5: Khalkis Island
Mission 6: Bridge over the River Grotzny
Mission 7: Core of the Matter
Mission 8: Investigate Elba Island
Mission 9: Liability Elimination
Mission 10: Overseer
Mission 11: Destroy the Allied Navy
Mission 12: Capture the Control Centers
Mission 13: Soviet Supremacy
Mission 14: Crush the Resistance

The PC version of Red Alert can still be purchased from Origin. You may need a patch to make it work on your computer. You can find the Patch and Installation Files for Red Alert here. There have been two expansion packs for Red Alert for the PC, Counterstrike and Aftermath, and one for the PlayStation, which was a compilation of the two released on the PC. They were called Counterstrike and The Aftermath and were both released in 1997.