Inkwell Isle 3 is the third world in Cuphead and has some pretty tough bosses to defeat including a rat called Werner Werman and the Phantom Express which takes place on a railway cart. You can access the third world by speaking with the Master Dice after defeating all of the bosses on the previous world.

This world looks like a small city and you’ll need to enter the yellow skyscraper for the Honeycomb Herald boss fight before being able to continue further. All together there’s 7 boss fights, 2 run n’ gun levels and one mausoleum.


Honeycomb Herald – Rumor Honeybottoms

Shootin N’ Lootin – Captain Brineybeard

Junkyard Jive – Dr Kahl

Murine Corps – Werner Werman

High Seas Hijinx – Cala Maria

Dramatic Fanatic – Sally Stageplay

Railroad Wrath – Phantom Express

Run and Gun

Rugged Ridge

Perilous Piers


Mausoleum III

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