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Opening the Ark Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 40,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion
Artifact: Ark of the Covenent
Parcel: Artifact Detector

Submarine Dock

Break the crate on the left to reveal a few Lego bits. Assemble them into a trampoline so Marion can jump up for a few studs. Grab the box of bits near to the ramp and place it on the green plate.

At some point the 4 Soldiers on the other side will discover you but just ignore them for now. Head over to the right and knock on the Guard Post.

You’ll be let in to the next room. Use the raft to paddle over to Artifact #1 in the corner.

Head back to the main room and you’ll spot artifact #2 under the water. Dive down to pick it up.

Climb up the ladder on the other side and take out the Soldiers. Use Indy to whip down the ladder on the left side. Climb up the ladder and have someone stand on the suspended platform while the other character turns the key to send them across.

On the other side pull out the handle to lower a ladder so the other character can climb up. Then pull both levers at the same time to open the door. Take out the Soldiers and grab the second box of bits.

Take it back to the submarine and place it on the green plate. Assemble the bits to make a water gun. Hop onto the water gun and shoot at the green part of both spinners.

Once you’ve spun both sides around a ladder will lift up to the higher walkway.

Free Play:

Blow up the silver hatches on the front end of the sub to reveal 2 buttons. Stand on the buttons and Artifact #3 will appear on the top.

After Indy whips down the ladder on the left climb up and send a small character through the crawlspace. They’ll appear on the ledge above with Artifact #4.

Climb up the ladder that you revealed with the water gun and walk to the left first for a hidden Purple Stud, then all the way to the right for the exit.

Military Compound

Walk to the right and have Indy whip the hook to break the platform next to you. Put the pieces together to make a handrail and jump up to the next Indy pad where you can swing across to the other side.

Put the bits together on the other side to make a handrail so Marion can climb across. Take out the Soldiers on the rooftop to the right and grab the Wrench. Drop down and take out the Soldiers in the yard below.

Use the wrench to repair the truck but don’t drive off just yet. Also notice the number 7 written on the door to the left of the truck.

Knock on the Guard Post and he’ll let you in to the building behind him for a birthday party. Smash the birthday cake for Artifact #5.

Free Play:

Enter the horse enclosure and dig up the sparkly patch for Artifact #6.

Once you’ve repaired the truck move it out of the way and solve the glyph puzzle behind it. This opens up a secret doorway.

Once inside break the box on the floor and repair the tiles. Then push the two yellow pillars across the tiled floor. Jump on top of them because they work like buttons. The floor in the center will open revealing the Parcel and some loose bits.

Assemble the bits into a ramp and then take the Parcel up to the mailbox to post it. This unlocks the Artifact Detector extra.

Ride the truck and smash through the gate to the left. You’ll notice a rooftop with buttons and white number 4 on it.

Park the truck next to the rooftop. Jump onto the roof of the truck and then onto the roof. You’ll need to move the items onto the buttons to make a number 4.

The basket goes to the center, the block is slid along the tiles to the button on the right. Your two characters can stand on the top right and left buttons to complete the number.

This opens the garage door below and gives you access to the Bazookas.

Before dropping down you also want to make the number 7. Grab the basket and place it on the very top button. Have your two characters stand on the top right and left buttons as before.

This opens the door to the building in the yard with the truck. Inside you’ll find Artifact #7.

Grab the artifact and then pick up a bazooka so you can destroy the silver gate leading to the exit. Head through to the next area.


This is the final boss fight with Belloq. Before we defeat him there are a couple of collectibles to find. Smash the brown crate in the center to find a Shovel.

Dig up the sparkly patch to the left and assemble the pieces to make a camera. Push it along the tiles and Artifact #8 will appear.

Run into the cave at the very back of the area and smash the crates to reveal a dig spot. You’ll find Artifact #9.

Free Play:

To the right of the Ark you’ll find a glyph puzzle. solve it to open up a cave. Go inside to find Artifact #10 and a Purple Stud.

Now for the boss fight. On the left you can pick up the empty crate and place it on the green plate. Marion can use it to jump up to the hand rail and jump across to the ledge where Belloq is standing.

Give him a whack and he’ll run away to another ledge to the right. Head over to the right side and assemble the gray pieces into a hinged ledge. Have Indy climb the ladder and Marion will pull on the rope to lift up the ledge.

Jump across the ledge and onto the platform where Belloq is standing. Whack him a few times until he runs away.

You’ll need to jump on the rocks by the glyph puzzle and then over to the rope.

Jump to the hand rails and over to the Indy pad. Whip down the ledge and jump onto it and up to Belloq. Hit him a few times and he’ll drop to the ground.

Drop down to the ground and finish him off. That ends the chapter and the first movie! Enjoy the final cutscene.

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