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Pankot Secrets Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 60,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, Short Round
Artifact: Ivory Elephant
Parcel: Poo Treasure

Jungle Path

Artifact #1 can be found immediately after the cutscene hidden in some ferns to the right.

Next grab a shovel and ride one of the elephants across the mud pit. Break the block holding the vine so it dangles over the pit. The other characters can use it to jump across.

Walk over the next mud pit to the north and pick up the box of bits 1/2. Place it over to the left on the green plates near the raised bridge.

Next have Willie use the hand rails to jump across the pit of snakes. Assemble the pieces into a handle and pull it out to raise up the bridge. Grab the box of bits 2/2 and walk across.

Place the box of bits on the other green plate and assemble the pieces into an Indy pad. Use Indy to whip down the bridge.

Before going across assemble the pieces just to the south of the bridge into a raft. Ride the raft down the river to the south, get off on dry land and dig up the sparkly patch for Artifact #2.

Ride the raft back and cross over the bridge. The elephants should follow you across. Dig the sparkly spot by the Indy pad and have Indy pick up the Key.

Swing across to the other side and use the key on the mechanism to lift up the log blocking the path. There’s another shovel on this side if you need it.

Whip back across or ride an elephant back and have Indy whip the Bananas on the left side of the mud pool. Take this through to the next section of this path and give it to the monkey. It will throw down the next Key.

Use the key to lift up the next log blocking the path and continue on your way. Make sure Indy has a shovel and have him use the Indy pad directly to the left. Swing across the gap and dig up the sparkly patch for Artifact #3.

Use one of the other characters to clear out the snakes because Indy is afraid of them. You could also ride the elephants up the hill. Sometimes they wander off so you might have to go searching for them.

Up the top of the hill have the elephant stand on the pressure plate to open the first gate.

Then have each of the characters stand on a button to the right to open the doors to the palace.


After the cutscene fight off the Palace Guards and use the block on the table to repair the key mechanism. Walk up the stairs to the right and whip the bell to release the Key. Use the key on the mechanism to open the alcove. Inside you’ll find a lever that opens the big doors.

Head through the doors to the large hallway. You’ll find quite a few studs in the vases and pots so break them along the way if you’re going for True Adventurer.

Continue along the hallway and take out the Palace Guards as you go. Smash the potted plant at the end of the hallway near the Kali Statue to find Artifact #4.

Free Play:

Activate the Kali statue to the left of the pot plant to reveal the mailbox. The parcel can be found back in the starting room.

Use an agile character to jump on the barrel in the corner and then up to the ledge with the Indy pad.

Switch over to Indy and swing across the gap to find the Parcel. Take it all the way down the hallway to the mailbox and deliver it to unlock the Poo Treasure extra.

Continue along the hallway to the right and kill the next set of Palace Guards. Head up the steps to the end and push in the pot plant. This reveals a glyph puzzle behind the bookshelf.

Head inside the room to the right, break open the closets for Artifact #5 and use Willie to shatter the glass for the Blue Book.

Use the Book to solve the glyph puzzle at the end of the hallway to reveal a secret passage. Go through to the next room.

Take out the palace guards, push the bed across to the right and use it to jump over to the Indy pad and up to Artifact #6.

Get Indy to whip from the Indy pad across to the other side and pull the Lever. This releases a few parts for the doll down below.

Assemble the handle on the doll and pull it out to reveal a secret passage behind it. Go through to the next area.

Underground Tunnels

Jump into the alcove on the right to find the hidden Artifact #7.

Then jump across to the other side or use the vine. Continue through the passage to the chasm.

Use Willie to jump up and grab Artifact #8 hanging over the edge of the chasm to the left.

Walk along to the right and assemble the dancing pieces to make a crawlspace under the torch. Send Short Round through and have him hang on the vine.

Send Indy up the ladder and swing across the gap. He can hang on the other vine to lift up the ledge.

Drop onto the ledge. go through the passage to the next room. Have Indy swing across and then use his whip to break open the gate to the left.

A skeleton will drop down. Break the skeleton to reveal Artifact #9.

Grab one of the torches and bring it back across the pit. Use it to help Willie get across because she’s afraid of bugs.

Stand on the three buttons to open the gate to the stairs leading down. Break the jars on the right around the first corner to reveal Artifact #10.

Head down to the last room and quickly grab the Purple Stud. Then whip the ring to reveal the green plate and activate the trap.

Break the skeletons to reveal boxes of Lego bits and place them on the green plates. Assemble the pieces into a pillar to stop the ceiling from crushing you to end the level.

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