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Free the Slaves Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 65,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie, Short Round
Artifact: Dinosaur Fossil
Parcel: Character Treasure

The Mine Cart

After the cutscene have Willie jump up to the higher ledge and assemble the pieces into a handrail so Jones can climb up. Grab the Box of Bits 1/2 and place it on the green plate, then use the whip on the hook to lift up the platform so Willie can jump up and grab Box of Bits 2/2.

Assemble the pieces to complete the mine cart and it will go racing off down the track to smash through a barrier creating a hole.

Drop down and follow the track over the pool of lava, using the rope and hand rails to jump across the gaps.

Take out the Thuggees on the other side, or just run past them and continue in to the next room.

Free Play:

Use a small character to climb into the hatch half way down across the lava pool. You’ll come out on a ledge with Artifact #1.

On the other side where the Thuggees are sliding into the room use the Kali statue on the right side. This opens up a vent. Step onto the updraft to be lifted up to a ledge with Artifact #2.

In the next room use Indy to whip the hook by the platform with the Artifact. Assemble the pieces into a handrail and have Willie jump up to Artifact #3.

You’ll find the first captured slave in this room. Take out the Thuggees and jump onto the ledge with the key mechanism. Turn it to lower and free the slave.

The slave will crawl through the hatch and open the door below. In free play mode you can do this yourself without freeing the slave.

The Cave

Have Indy whip across the gap and destroy the crate on the other side. Place the Part on the green plate and turn the Key to send it across the gap.

Swing back across and place the Part on the next green plate. Then drop down on the right an pick up Artifact #4 at the end of the wooden plank.

Climb up the ladder and use the whip to bring the Part across the platforms. You’ll need to whip it from the further platform, drop it down, jump to the next platform and whip it again.

Once you make it all the way across with the Part place it in the blue machine. Break the barrels at the back for a Wrench and use it to repair the blue machine.

Walk over to the right side and break the barrel under the platform for a Shovel. Use it to dig up the sparkly spot in the water to find a Key. Then use the key on the mechanism to lift up an Indy pad.

Ride the lift up and swing across to the platform on the right side. Break the cage to free the slave and he will climb through the hatch to pull the lever that opens the exit.

Free Play:

Once you’ve repaired the lift head back to the tunnel where you found the Part and use an explosive to blow up the silver bars. Behind them you’ll find the Parcel and a Purple Stud.

Move the parcel along the conveyer and then use the Whip to carry it across the platforms. Ride the lift up to the ledge above and mail the parcel. This unlocks the Character Treasure extra.

Go through the door that the slave opened and take out the Thuggees. Grab the dynamite from the box and use it to break open the silver bars blocking the exit. Smash the crates next to the box and grab the orange button. Place it down on the green plate to activate the lift.

Have Willie jump on the button and then onto the lift so she can grab Artifact #5 on the ledge above. Run out the exit to the next room.

The Slave Cage

Kill the Thuggees and then break the beams in the round alcove on the right to reveal a handle. Grab the handle and place it on the green plate on the wall to the left.

Pull out the handle to make a set of stairs and climb up. Take out the Thugees, pick up the Shovel by the cage and use it to dig up the sparkly patch.

Place the handle on the green plate by the cage and pull it out to free the slaves. Have Willie jump up to grab the blue Lego piece. Take it down the steps to the machine on the right side. Pick up the nearby wrench and fix it. Artifact #6 will appear once it’s fixed.

Free Play:

Switch to a Thuggee character and activate the Kali statue on the left side by the cage. this will move away revealing Artifact #7.

At the back of the room send a small character through the crawlspace. On the ledge above you’ll find Artifact #8 and a Purple Stud.

To rescue the secret character walk to the front edge of the room where you see the handrails.

Drop down to the ledge below and head across to the right. Blow up the silver bars and then use a disguise to fool the enemy at the guard post. You’ll be let in and see Princess Leia in her cell.

Jump across the platforms at the top of the area and break the beams blocking the exit. Bring a shovel with you to find an artifact and head through to the next area.

The Thuggee Slave Driver Boss

Short Round is trapped in a cage at the back. Grab some dynamite and blow up the silver bars to free him.

You can attack the boss but every time you do damage to him he’ll get healed by Maharajah on the platform above.

There are also three sparkly patches where you can dig up skulls. Digging up all three of them reveals Artifact #9. There’s one near the entrance, one over to the right and one in the foreground.

Next you’ll need to push the green cart all the way over to the right. Send Short Round through the hatch on the left so he can reach Maharajah. Punch him a few times until he runs away.

While you’re here jump Short Round up to the hand rails and then up to the ledge above for Artifact #10.

Jump back down then jump across the hanging baskets. Follow Maharajah and whack him again. He’ll run over to a third location to the right.

Jump across the top of the cart over to the Maharajah and hit him one final time. He’ll snap out of it and realize you’re the good guys.

Meanwhile the slave driver will jump over to the conveyor belt and start throwing boulders at you. You’ll need to throw dynamite so that it explodes near the boss. Wait for the boss to walk over to the left side before throwing the dynamite. This seems to work the best.

Repeat this five times to defeat the slave driver and complete the chapter.

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