The Anatomy of a Crime quest forms part of of the investigation into the Salamandra. Once The Crown Witness quest has been completed you must get the body out of the Cemetery and take it back to the Hospital for an autopsy.

First speak to Shani at her house (#1) at night. There are a number of ways the autopsy can go. She’ll tell you to go and see the Gravedigger (#2) so that you can get the body and bring it to the Hospital (#3).

Before starting the autopsy it’s recommended that you speak with Vincent Meis (#4) and find some books about anatomy and pathology, such as Forensic Medicine, so that you can come to the right conclusions. You’ll also want to read up on poisoning from the book Zerrikanian Insects and Other Vermin. You may be able to find them from the Bookseller (#5) during the day.

Speak with the Gravedigger (#2) and he’ll agree to hand over the body as long as you give him some dwarven liquor. Local Pepper Vodka or Mahakaman Mead will work just fine. Once the arrangement has been made make your way to the Hospital around midnight to see Shani.

If you’ve completed ‘A Gravedigger’s Gratitude‘ then this autopsy will be easier to complete. Otherwise you’ll need to make the right dialogue choices to make sure you figure out the Azar Javed is posing as Raymond Maarloeve. Once you’ve completed the autopsy and declare one person guilty this quest will end.

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