At the end of Chapter 1 Geralt finds a way to enter Vizima only to be thrown into a dungeon cell. The Captain of the City Guard, Vincent Meis announces that free passage will be given to the prisoner who can defeat the Cockatrice in the Sewers.

Unfortunately one of the other prisoners volunteers ahead of Geralt. You can either challenge him to a fist fight or let him run off and try to defeat the Cockatrice. He’ll of course get killed and then you’ll have your chance.

You’ll be let out of your cell and the jailer, Jethro, will give you a Silver Sword, 2 Cat Potions and a Blizzard Potion. This will also update the Berengar’s Secret quest.

You begin at (#1) down in the Sewers. You’ll soon meet Siegfried, a Knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose. You can either agree to let him help you kill the Cockatrice or go on alone. The Cockatrice can be found at either (#2) or (#3). After defeating the beast Siegfried will show you the exit out of the Sewers at (#4).

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