A Long Way from Home is the second quest you’ll receive from Yaren Bolt (#1). It becomes available once you’ve completed the Flowers and Gold quest and ask Yaren for more Witcher work.

This time Yaren will ask you to clear out the path between the Lumberjack’s Clearing (#1) and the Clay Pits (#5). He also wants you to deal with the Vodyanoi that come to the Clay Pits at night.

Follow the path from the Lumberjack’s Clearing to the Clay Pits. You’ll come across 3 groups of monsters. Bloedzuigers at (#2), Drowners at (#3) and Echinopsae at (#4).

Kill the Vodyanoi: There are two ways to deal with the Vodyanoi who appear around the altar (#5) each midnight. The first is to simply kill when it appears. Go back to speak with Yaren for your reward.

Negotiate with the Vodyanoi: Geralt doesn’t want to start a war so instead of killing the Vodyanoi go and speak with Vaska (#6). She’ll tell you to place Yaren’s Axe as an offering in the altar. Speak with Yaren and tell him what Vaska said. You’ll be able to convince him to give up his axe. Place the axe in the Vodyanoi Altar (#5) and wait until after midnight. A Vodyanoi will accept the offering and place an Amulet in the Altar as their own gift. It seems the offering has been accepted. Return to Yaren and let him know that peace has been made.

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