This is a fun quest that ends with throwing a party with Shani and a few other guests. This quest will span much of Chapter 2 and begins when you meet Shani at her house (#1) at night, or at the Hospital (#2) during the day.

Shani will tell you that she needs 5 Celandine in order to make potions to stop the plague. You may already have these on you from the Outskirts of Vizima in Chapter 1. If not make your way over to the Swamp Forest and pick a few blossoms. Head back to Shani and give her the Celandine. She’ll be thankful and offer to give you a lesson on monster anatomy. This will be a random monster from Chapter 2.

The next part of the quest will only continue once you’ve completed the Anatomy of a Crime quest. Speak with her once she gets home from work and she’ll tell you that she’s planning a party.

You’ll need to bring some alcohol to the party, Rose Wine, Cherry Cordial and Temerian Rye Vodka. You can also invite one friend, Zoltan, Siegfried or Carmen.

During the party whoever you invite will want something from Grandma’s cupboard downstairs. You can clear out her cupboard before the party or sneak down to get it during the party.

Dandelion will treat you all to a song and then the party will end. After the party you should bring Shani a rose to say thanks. If you give her a Red Rose and tell her that she’s blushing she will sleep with you and you’ll get the Shani Sex Card.

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