The Crown Witness is initiated once you speak to Raymond Maarloeve (#1). He’ll inform you that one of the Salamdra has recently been imprisoned. Head to the dungeon (#2) and speak with Jethro. He won’t talk to you until you can give him some Fisstech. You can find Fisstech when looting the bodies of Bandits or buy it from Coleman if he’s still alive.

Once you’ve made Jethro happy he’ll tell you that the prisoner has been sent to the Hospital (#3). The Hospital is guarded during the daytime but you can bribe the guard at night.

Visit the Hospital at night and find the prisoner. All he will say is “Kalkstein”, before Ramsmeat’s men attack. Take them out and then return to Raymond Maarloeve to give an update on your progress and to complete this quest.

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