Force Recon is a quest that initiates while you are completing the Worth its Weight in Gold quest. You’ll initially meet Yaevinn in the Druid’s Grove (#1) and he’ll ask you to send a letter to Vivaldi. After that you can find him in the non-human camp (#2).

Tensions will begin to mount between the Scoia’tael and the Order of the Flaming Rose. Siegfried and the Order will set up camp just south of the Druid’s Grove at (#3).

You’ll have to decide whether you support the Scoia’tael or the Order. You’ll have another chance later on to pick sides so this won’t be your final choice. If you avoid this quest then the Order of the Flaming Rose will win by default.

If you side with the Scoia’tael you’ll need to wipe out the Order’s Knights and if you side with the Order you’ll need to wipe out the Scoia’tael’s Scouts. Whichever side loses will leave the Swamp Forest. After the battle, return to either Yaevinn or Siegfried for your reward of 200 Orens and 3,500 Experience.

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