This quest is mostly a letter delivery service but it can gain you some favor with either the Scoia’tael or the Order. You’ll find Yaevinn in the Driuds Grove (#1) at the Swamp Forest. He wants you to deliver an important Letter to Vivaldi.

Make your way back to the Temple Quarter and give the Letter to Vivaldi. Leave his house and enter again and Vivaldi should have prepared a response. Take this response back to Yaevinn who is now hiding out at the Scoia’tael Training Camp (#2) in the Swamp Forest. You’ll get some experience points and 200 Orens as a reward.

If you want to tell on the Scoia’tael you can deliver Yaevinn’s letter to Vincent Meis instead of Vivaldi. He’ll give you 25 Orens and you’ll gain some influence with the Order.

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