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Level 18: Home Sweet Home

Lara is at home in her bedroom admiring the Dagger of Xian when she hears dogs barking and the alarm going off.

Quickly head to the right and unlock the closet with the Gun Cupboard Key which is already in your inventory. Pick up the shotgun shells and medi packs as quickly as you can.

Two thugs will soon make their way up the stairs to Lara’s bedroom. Another will be outside the window.

Head downstairs and take out another dog and two thugs dressed in suits. Once you head outside you’ll be attacked by another two dogs and three baddies. One of them drops a small medi pack.

Work your way outside to the vans. Somewhere outside you’ll find another two baddies and the boss. I found them near to the obstacle course. Once all of the bad guys are taken care of Lara will have a well earned rest.

That’s all for Tomb Raider 2. Stay tuned for Tomb Raider 3 which will be up on the site shortly.