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Surprise Attack

Magic Items: Banner of Arcane Protection, Potion of Strength

Enemy Units: Orc Horde

Deployment: Only bring the Grudgebringer Cavalry and whatever unit you want to give the Potion of strength to. I like to bring the Amber Wizard as well just in case he’s needed to slow down a unit with the Curse.

Strategy: The Potion of Strength is located by the rocks to the north-east of the starting location. Have a unit run up to grab it and then run back again before the horde approaches.

There’s also a Banner of Arcane Protection in the Orc camp to the north west. This banner gives a unit 50% chance to dispel any spells cast against it. Getting to it is difficult because when you get close to the orc camp they start to file up into ranks and will block your path. You can fight your way through to the Banner if you want but you may lose a few men in the process.

When you have what you came for hit the retreat button. This mission is always failed, even if you manage to kill all of the orcs. The pass through the mountains is blocked. The only way through is to go with the Dwarves to Zhufbar in the March to Zhufbar mission.

Other failed missions where your path is blocked are Valley of the Trolls and The Vermin Burrows.

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