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Bridge Over The River Weiss

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 2 x Orc Boyz, 1 x Orc Big ‘Uns, 1 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 2 x Goblin Wolf Riders, 1 x Night Goblins, 1 x Night Goblin Shaman Champion

Deployment: The enemy army will be trying to get over the bridge to the east. Place the Mortar units on the south-eastern edge of the deployment zone to get off as many shots as possible. Place the other units on the southern front.

Strategy: Most of the greenskins will be headed east but a few will stop to take on your army. The Orc Arrer Boyz to the south will start firing on you and a  unit of Goblin Wolf Riders will appear to the west of your deployment zone. Send in one unit of Cavalry to take out the Arrer Boyz and have another unit ready to face the Riders from the west. It would be a good idea to have a second unit to slam into the Goblin Wolf Riders and hopefully force them to break.

Aside from that this mission is mostly about taking shots at the Greenskins as they run past and trying to kill as many as possible. There’s no magic items so once they last Greenskin has left the battlefield head back to camp.

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