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Rat Trap

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 4 x Clanrat Warriors, 4 x Stormvermin, 2 x Warpfire Throwers

Deployment: For this mission you’ll be paid a gold crown for each man so bring every unit along. Place Allor the Amber Wizard to the north west of the deployment zone and the rest in ta line behind the pool of slime. It appears the slime pool is aesthetic only. Line up your Crossbow units in the center. You should have three of them by now, the Mercenary Crossbows, Leitdorf 9th and the Dwarf Crossbowmen.

Strategy: As soon as the battle starts bring Allor forwards to meet the oncoming army. When he’s within range cast Flock of Doom on the nearest unit. Use Curse and Hunting Spears if you haven’t learnt Flock of Doom yet.

Bring Allor back towards the line of troops and fire everything you have at the first rat unit to get within range. Your line of three Crossbow units with any Mortar units you have should be enough to send at least a few Skaven units running.

If the cursed unit has fled make sure you swap it over to the next closest unit. Flock of Doom works better if you have it.

If your Crossbows fail to repel one of the Skaven units then hit them in the side with the Grudgebringers or Ragnar’s Wolves.

There are no magic items on this map so once you’ve mopped up the final enemy units head back to camp for your next mission.

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