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Squatter’s Rights

Magic Items: Talisman of Obsidian

Enemy Units: 2 x Goblin Stickers, 2 x Goblin Wolf Riders

Deployment: This is an easy mission but because you’re only getting 600 crowns for it I only take the free units along with the Grudgebringers. Place Allor and the Leitdorf 9th Crossbows in the center with the Grudgebringers on the left and the Dwarf Warriors on the right.

Strategy: When the battle start send Allor forwards to cause some mayhem with Tangle Thorn/Curse on one or two units if you have the spell points. Hit the next unit with the Leitdorf 9th Crossbows and send the Dwarf Warriors north to deal with one unit of Goblin Stickers.

When the gobbos have been defeated send the Grudgebringer Cavalry to pick up the Talisman of Obsidian which can be found on the eastern side between the house and the trees.

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