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Orc Pursuit

Magic Items: None

Enemies: 4 x Orc Boyz, 1 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 1 x Big ‘Uns, 2 x Black Orcs

Deployment: Place the Amber Wizard (AW) behind the tree to the north. The Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) should be to the left and a little bit back. Place the Mercenary Crossbows to the left of the GC. The Grudgebringer Infantry (GI) can be on either side depending on how many men you have available. You’ll want either the GI or Black Avengers (BA) near to Allor (Amber Wizard) to step in between him and any enemies that get close.

Strategy: This is a difficult mission to get through unscathed. As soon as the battle begins the Big ‘Uns will appear to the north on the left side. They’ll be heading towards you but usually curve around to target the Dwarves.

You’ll be able to get a few shots off at the Big ‘Uns and hopefully make a few kills. If you have the magic send a Hunting Spear into the Big ‘Uns as well. Cast Curse on the Black Orcs on the right to slow them down a little.

You want to send in the GC to charge at the Big Un’s before the Dwarf unit is routed. Use the Crossbows to take a few shots at any unit that starts marching towards you. Send your GI and BA to intercept any roaming Orcs. Protect your ranged units and hopefully you’ll some of the Orc units will flee quickly.

The biggest threat are the Big ‘Uns, then the Black Orcs and remaining Orc Boyz. Taking out the Big ‘Uns quickly and casting Curse on one of the Black Orcs should significantly weaken the enemy army.

Once you have control of the area take out the two units guarding the Carlsson family from a distance. This is a good opportunity to give some experience to Allor as he can cast Hunting Spears from fairly far away. When you get close the Carlssons will flee. Finish off the remaining Orcs to complete the mission.

This walkthrough assumes you’re going to deal with the Orcs in the south first before marching to Zhufbar. If this is the case take the Revenge mission. You won’t face any enemies on your way back to Wissenheim so don’t bother bringing any units other than your Grudgebringer Cavalry.

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