Final Battle (i)

Magic Items: 2 x Potions of Strength

Enemy Units: 2 x Night Goblin Shaman Champion, 3 x Night Goblins, 4 x Orc Big ‘Uns, 3 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 2 x Orc Boar Boyz

Deployment: Bring all available units and place them on the western edge of the map with the Wood Elf Archers and Allor slightly forward.

Strategy: The strategy for the final two battles is fairly simple. Wait for the enemy to come towards you and hit them with Allor and the Wood Elf Archers. You can use whatever cannons you still have available as well.

Fairly soon you’ll spot the Shaman Champion riding on the Dragon. Cast Curse of Anreheir to slow it down and then Hunting Spears to kill it. Just casting the curse may cause it to flee off the map.

The Wood Elf Archers will tear apart any big units that get close enough. Once you’ve defeated the first wave send out your cavalry and other ground troops to finish of the Goblin Doom Divers and cannons.

Final Battle (ii)

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 1 x Grey Seer, 3 x Rat Ogre, 11 x Stormvermin

Deployment:Hold back all your units on the southern edge. Bring Allor and the Wood Elves forward a little.

Strategy: The strategy is the same for the first battle. Hold the line until the Skaven get close. The Grey Seer should be one of the first enemy units to reach you. Make sure you hit it with Hunting Spears to kill it quickly.

If you want to protect one flank of your army cast Wind Burst in front of your units on that side. This should disrupt the enemy movement and they’ll have to walk all the way around to get to you.

The three Rat Ogres can be dealt with by your heavy infantry units and cavalry. If you have the time and magic cast Hunting Spears to kill them. Allor should mainly be focused on using Flocks of Doom to take out the large Skaven units.

Once the initial assault has been defeated run your units up to deal with the final two Stornmvermin units by the pillar.

The elves want you to protect the stone while the dwarves want to destroy it. You can attack the pillar with the dwarves to destroy it now or leave it alone. Once you’re done head back to the caravan to finish the game.

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