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Rescue Ilmarin

Magic Items: Shield of Ptolos

Enemy Units: 3 x Clanrat Warriors, 1 x Rat Ogre, 1 x Stormvermin

Deployment: Place the Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) as far to the south-east as you can. The Amber Wizard (AW), Grudgebringer Infantry (GI) and Mercenary Crossbows (MC) should all be to the north east of the deployment zone.

Strategy: When you start the battle 2 Clanrat Warriors and the Stormverin will run towards the Dwarves. Initially you’ll only have to deal with one unit of Clanrat Warriors and the Rat Ogre.

The MC can soften up the Clanrat Warriors heading your way and have the AW cast Curse on one of the units heading towards the Dwarves. The longer the Dwarves hold out the better.

If the AW has any magic points left cast the Hunting Spear on the Rat Ogre if you can reach or the approaching Clanrat Warriors. The Warriors may target either the GC or GI. Either way charge towards them and take them out. The GC should mow through them and towards the Rat Ogre who shouldn’t last long against your cavalry.

Once those units are dealt with quickly send your units to help out the Dwarves. If the Dwarves have already fled then just hold back and soften up the incoming units with the MC and AW. Cast curse on whoever’s the closest and then charge in with either your GI or GC.

This is a fairly tough mission and you need to get a little bit lucky with how long the Dwarves can hold out. Hopefully you can destroy the Rat Ogre and first Clanrat Warrior unit quickly so you can charge into the rear of the Skaven fighting the Dwarves. If not just hold back and whittle them down with crossbow fire.

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