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Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 6 x Bandits

Deployment: You’ll only need your Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) and the Amber Wizard (AW) for this mission. Bring some other units if you feel you’ll need backup or want to try them out.

Because you’re expecting an ambush you will have the chance to deploy. Place the AW a little way back from the cargo train and the GC behind him. I brought the Bright Wizard to try him out and the free Dwarf unit.

Strategy: Hold your units back while the cargo train moves ahead. It should draw out a few units of Bandits. Cast Flock of Doom on the first unit and if that doesn’t cause it to flee charge in with the GC. Cast Flock of Doom on the next unit and repeat the process.

If you’ve taken out all the Bandits and the mission still isn’t over you’ll need to continue heading across to the west to draw out any remaining Bandits.

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