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Against the Grain

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 4 x Orc Boyz, 2 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 1 x Big ‘Uns

Deployment: Bring all of your units to the southern edge of the deployment zone. This first attack will come from the south so have most of your units facing south, especially the Amber Wizard (AW) and Mercenary Crossbows (MC). Later you’ll be attacked from the east so have one Infantry unit standing guard on the south-eastern corner.

Strategy: When you see the Big ‘Uns and Orc Boyz rounding the hill to the south start raining arrows on them. Casting Curse on the Big Un’s is a good idea if they start to get too close.

Luckily you won’t be attacked all at once. Some of the Orc units will head off east to destroy a couple of the buildings. You can try to protect them if you want but it’s fairly difficult to get there in time.

The Orc Arrer Boyz will most likely be lagging behind in the village to the east. Once the Orc Boyz and Big ‘Uns have been dealt with send the Cavalry, Wizard and Infantry to take them out.

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