Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 1 x Grey Seer, 7 x Stormvermin

Deployment: The most important units to bring along are the Amber Wizard, Celestial Wizard and Wood Elf Archers. Bring a selection of 3 or 4 other units to bolster your army.

Strategy: You’ll be attacked from the north by 7 units of Stormvermin and a Grey Seer. Send the Celestial Wizard to one side and cast Wind Blast to limit the amount the amount of space the enemy has to maneuver.

Bring Allor up and take out as many Stormvermin with the Flock of Doom as you can. When the Grey Seer gets close he’ll cast Madness on him. Make sure the Celestial Wizard is nearby so he can Dispel the Madness.

Use Hunting Spears to take out the Grey Seer and then finish off any remaining Stormvermin. There are no magic items in this map so head back to the caravan when you’re done.

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