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To Loren (i)

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 1 x Grey Seer, 4 x Stormvermin, 4 x Clanrat Warriors

Deployment: Ambush

Strategy: Along the way to Loren you’ll meet a Celestial Wizard who offers to join your army. He has some nice spells so you might as well bring him along. Immediately after this you’ll be ambushed.

Your army will be arranged in a line so start moving them out to form a defensive position. If you’ve brought the Crossbows along start them firing on the enemy as soon as possible. Send Allor forwards to cast Flock of Doom and Tangling Thorn to reduce the numbers of Skaven.

If any Skaven units get past your bows and spells send in the Cavalry and Dwarves to finish the job. Soon you’ll be attacked by more Skaven from the east.

Send Allor to the east to intercept the Grey Seer. Take him down quickly with Hunting Spears. Cast Flock of Doom on the Stormvermin if you have the spell points and then charge in with one of your heavier units to finish them off.

That should be the end of the Skaven ambush. There are no magic items on this map so head back to the caravan and you’ll continue on your way.

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