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Forefathers’ Eve begins once you’ve completed A Towerful of Mice and gone back to see the Pellar. He’ll ask you to help him with the ritual on Fyke Isle.

You must meet the Pellar on the Isle after 10 pm. It can be any night. I don’t believe there’s a time limit. He should be chanting as you approach him and a crowd will be gathered around the circle. Speak to him to start the ritual.

The Ritual

Once the Pellar begins the ritual a Water Hag and Drowners will appear. Defeat them so the ritual can continue.

The Pellar will then summon a ghost. It’s his father Ambros. At this point the ritual is interrupted by Witch Hunters. You can defend the Pellar or let the Witch Hunters stop the ritual and disperse the crowd.

If you fight the Witch Hunters the ritual can continue but the land is now tainted with blood. This will draw out 3 Wraiths who will attack. The Pellar will help you in this fight.

The Pellar’s Father

After the ritual talk to the Pellar about his father. He has some unfinished business that he asks you to help him with. His father’s body lies in the swamps and he asks you to remove it to prevent him turning into a wraith. Use the marker on the map to make your way to the location and use your Witcher Senses to find the body. Examine it and then use Igni to ignite it.

Return to the Pellar’s hut and let him know that you found his father and dealt with the body. He’ll be thankful and will now sell you herbs and alchemy ingredients.

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