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There are 24 Shiny Things scattered all around the world. You’ll only be able to pick up some of them on your first exploration of an area. Once you have all spells you’ll be able to go back to those areas to pick up the remaining shiny things.

Lost Cemetery

Shiny #1 – Undying Blossom

As you make your way to the south you’ll see a green-topped building in the corner. Head towards it and the camera will spin around so you can enter. You’ll find the Undying Blossom inside.

Shiny #2 – Incense

After making your way to the summit drop off the edge to the southwest. Climb up the coffin lid to find the Incense.

Ceramic Manor

Shiny #3 – Engagement Ring

Climb up to the rafters above the ballroom and you’ll find the Engagement Ring on a shelf.

Overgrown Ruins

Shiny #4 – Horn

As you make your way through the ruins you’ll find the Horn out in the open in the northern section. This shiny is needed to get access to the Mushroom Dungeon below.

Hall of Doors

Shiny #5 – Ancient Reaper Door

As you gain more spells you’ll be able to access new areas of the Hall of Doors. Once you get the fire spell you can light the braziers to open the gate to this Shiny Thing.

Shiny #6 – Surveillance Device

Once you have the bomb spell you can destroy the breakable wall to the north and grab this Shiny.

The Stranded Sailor

Shiny #7 – The Captain’s Log

When you head down the stairs towards the Stranded Sailor turn around and go through the hole in the side of the cliff. This leads out to a small area where you’ll find the Captain’s Log.

Castle Lockstone

Shiny #8 – Ancient Crown

Head to the room to the north of the main hall and drop down the pipe entrance.

Follow the pipe and take a turn to the right when you get the chance. Follow the pipe through the rooms until you pop up by the Ancient Crown.

Hall of Doors

Shiny #9 – Modern Reaper Door

Once you get the hookshot spell find the pole on the little island to the east and grapple across to it. Follow the islands until you find the Shiny.

The Grove of Spirits

Shiny #10 – Soul Key

In the Grove of Spirits head to the south and hookshot across to the pole.

Down the stairs to the south you’ll find the Soul Key.

Lost Cemetery

Shiny #11 – Old Compass

In the spider caverns take the exit to the south once you reach the higher ledge. You’ll find the Old Compass just lying on the floor.

Shiny #12 – Token of Death

In the caves leading towards the Stranded Sailor hookshot across the water. You’ll find the Token of Death on the other side.

Estate of the Urn Witch

Shiny #13 – Sludge Filled Urn

To the west of the Estate take the secret path through the bushes. Climb up the tower and hookshot across. Continue through the pipes and grappling across to the poles until you can head under a platform. Underneath you’ll find the Sludge Filled Urn.

Ceramic Manor

Shiny #14 – Old Photograph

Light the brazier out in the side hallway to reveal a secret ladder leading up to the rafters above.

Carefully make your way across the rafters to the Old Photograph.

Overgrown Ruins

Shiny #15 – Malformed Seed

From the ledge above the entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon grapple across to the pole.

Continue using hookshot until you can drop down to the ledge with the Malformed Seed.

Mushroom Dungeon

Shiny #16 – Corrupted Antler

Find the room in the dungeon with the breakable wall in the corner.

Break the low wall in the next room and use the key to open the gate. Under the bridge you’ll find the Shiny.

Flooded Fortress

Shiny #17 – Giant Arrowhead

After defeating the Frog King head up the stairs to the northwest and you’ll find the Shiny in the corner.

The Stranded Sailor

Shiny #18 – Grunt’s Old Mask

Once you have the bomb spell go back to the Mushroom Dungeon to free Grunt. Head over to the Stranded Sailor to find Grunt has set up a spot by the Reaper Door. Talk to him and he’ll give you his old mask.

Shiny #19 – Ink-Covered Teddy Bear

To the west of the Stranded Sailor grapple across the water to the south and fight the Giant Knight. Once he’s been defeated climb the ladder to find the Teddy Bear.

Castle Lockstone

Shiny #20 – Death Contract

Drop down the grate in one of the statue rooms. There’s a hidden corridor behind the doors.

Go through an follow the corridor along until you find the Death Contract.

Camp of Free Crows

Shiny #21 – Shiny Medallion

Break the wall behind the lift.

In the little cave behind it you’ll find the Shiny Medallion.

Hall of Doors

Shiny #22 – Belltower Key

After defeating the Lord of Doors go back to the main hall and you’ll find the Belltower Key on the floor.

Estate of the Urn Witch

Shiny #23 – Rusty Trowel

Destroy the urns in the northwest part of the garden in the order shown on the back of the Old Photograph. This will lead you across to a secret garden where you’ll find the Rusty Trowel.

Old Watchtowers

Shiny #24 – Mysterious Locket

Break the ice to the right of Betty’s Lair and head up to the ledge above.

At night time the door will open. Go inside for the Locket.

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