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Once you’ve defeated the Lord of Doors and completed the game for the first time you’ll be back at the Camp of the Free Crows. You can end it here or complete the True Ending by finding all the Stone Fragments. On the northeastern side of the camp you’ll see the empty stones.

To make progress with this section you’ll need to pick up the Belltower Key from the Hall of Doors. The Lord of Doors drops it on the ground after you defeat him.

Take this to the Lost Cemetery and use it to open the gates to the Belltower so you can ring the bell. The belltower is just next to the entrance to the Estate of the Urn Witch. Once you ring the bell day will turn to night.

Tablet of Knowledge #1: Lost Ghosts

The teal tablet can be found by finding all seven of the lost ghosts and returning them to the nearby statues. You can find a video and guide on finding all of the ghosts on the Lost Ghosts page.

Tablet of Knowledge #2: All Life Seeds

In the Estate of the Urn Witch you’ll find a hidden door with the tablet of knowledge. To open it you’ll need to find and plant all life seeds.

The Life Seeds can be found here and all the Pots here.

The two final pots are in a hidden location in the Estate of the Urn Witch. To get to it you’ll need to break the ceramic pots in the garden in a certain order shown on the back of the Old Photograph. Plant the last two seeds and the door to the knowledge tablet will open.

Tablet of Knowledge #3: The Three Owls

The three owls scattered around the world have fragments of the tablet. You’ll need to find all of them to put the tablet together.

One can be found in the Estate of the Urn Witch.

One in the Overgrown Ruins.

And the last one in the Old Watchtowers.

You can find them while you’re searching for the other tablets in those areas.

Tablet of Knowledge #4: Final Avarice Battle

The water around the entrance to the Overgrown Ruins will be drained away. You can walk to the south and climb up the ladder to the chest.

Defeat the four waves of enemies for the tablet of knowledge.

Tablet of Knowledge #5: Escort Jefferson

Head to The Stranded Sailor and speak with Jefferson. It turns out he’s not what you thought and wants you to take him to the Flooded Fortress.

Jefferson will jump on your back so you can escort him but you won’t be able to use the Reaper Doors. Instead head back through the Lost Cemetery and take the Gondola over to the Overgrown Ruins.

Then find one of the entrances to the Mushroom Dungeon and follow the path to the Flooded Fortress. New tiles will be available in the moonlight. Follow them to the end.

Jefferson will call the spirits and you’ll be given the tablet of knowledge.

Tablet of Knowledge #6: Lighting the Fires

Take the Reaper Door to the Old Watchtowers and you’ll need to light all the fires. Make your way around the area and use the fireball spell to light the baskets by the watchtowers.

Once the fires have been lit make your way to the north east and the door to the fragment should be open.

Tablet of Knowledge #7: Gravedigger Boss

At night time once you recover the Mysterious Locket Shiny Thing the Gravedigger will open the Mausoleum. Go inside for the boss fight.

The Gravedigger is not such a tough boss fight. I used ranged spells and took out the smaller enemies to regain energy.

Once he’s defeated you’ll be given the final tablet of knowledge.

Camp of the Free Crows

Return to the camp and you should see all the stones lit up. Interact with them and go through to see the true ending

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