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Mushroom Dungeon

Use a fireball to burn up the cobwebs leading deeper into the dungeon and say hello to the Clever Grunt stuck in the cell.

Take out the Spiders and Wizard in the next room and continue to the northeast. You’ll have a first meeting with the Frog King. On the bridge you’ll find Life Seed #22.

On the other side of the bridge is the Ancient Door. There’s an exit on the lower level to the north and the south. Head to the south and plant a seed in Pot #21.

Use the bomb plant to break the walls and use a fire spell to burn the cobwebs around the Soul Orb and exit to the north.

First go to the north for a battle arena. Defeat all the enemies and then climb the ladder to free Spirit #1.

Head back to the south and go south again. On a raised ledge you’ll find Life Seed #23.

Go through the crawlway and pull the lever to open up the shortcut to the Reaper Door. Then come back, break the wall between the fire pits and light them to lower down the Key. Grab it and head to the south.

Take out the enemies and use the key to go through the gate to the second arena.

Once again defeat the enemies, then use the vine to get up and free Spirit #2. Just next to it you’ll find Pot #22.

Go up the stairs and head around to the lever that opens the gate back to the Overgrown Ruins. Just in front of the gate you’ll find Life Seed #24.

Now head back through the arena to the room to the south. The sign points to the Frog Domain but you can’t progress in that direction yet.

Instead head down the stairs to the south and go back up the next stairs. Break the low wall to open up a shortcut.

Go down the ladder and take the first stairs to the south for the third battle arena.

Once the enemies are defeated climb the ladder and free Spirit #3. Head back up the stairs and take the stairs down to the southwest and you’ll spot Pot #23.

As you cross the small bridge to the west the Frog King will appear in the water.

On the other side of the bridge there’s a ladder leading down and one leading up. Take the ladder up.

Enter the room to the north, break the crates and continue up and around until you can open the shortcut back to the Reaper Door and the start of the dungeon.

Now head back and take the ladder down to the key on the pedestal. You’ll need to light the 3 fires to lower down the key. I start with the lowest fire pit, hit the vine, shoot the highest fire pit and drop down to the center for the third.

Grab the Key, climb the ladder and use the key to unlock the gate to the north. Head past the Frog King again and take the only available exit to the northeast.

This is the most difficult battle arena as you’ll take damage if you fall into the water and you’ll be facing multiple Knights. Try to use ranged attacks when possible and dodge around enemy projectiles and attacks.

After the fight a bridge will appear so you can free Spirit #4. First take the path to the southwest so you can pick up Life Seed #25.

Go back to the battle arena and take the path tot the northeast. Inside you’ll find Pot #24 and another Key with 3 fire pits.

Take out the enemies, use the bomb plant to break the low wall and light the 3 fires. Grab the Key for later and Life Seed #26.

If you want to get back to the Ancient Door take the ladder down and go northeast and then southeast. We’ll take a bit of a detour for more items so go back through the last battle arena.

Continue southwest and head down the stairs to the west. Follow the path around and climb the ladder.

Take the ladder up in the northwest corner to the room above. You’ll see a Soul Orb on a shelf that you can’t reach.

Take the exit to the southeast. Grab the Soul Orb and then climb up the ladder.

Drop through the hole in the floor onto the shelves in the room below. You’ll now be able to pick up the Soul Orb.

Take the exit to the southeast and climb up the ladder. Head to the northeast and climb up the ladder. Go southeast, pull the lever to open up the shortcut and the gate back into the Mushroom Dungeon.

Take this entrance into the Dungeon and go to the northeast. Break the crates and drop down. This takes you to the room northwest of the Ancient Door but you’ll be on the ledge so you can grab the Thunder Hammer.

Go through the Ancient Door back to the Hall of Doors.

Hall of Doors

Head up the stairs to the Chest and complete the arena battle. After the four waves are defeated you’ll be given the Bomb Spell.

Head down the stairs and use the Bomb spell to break the stone walls. Go up the next set of stairs for a Soul Orb and Reaper Logbook.

Go back and take the lift down. Take the stairs up to the southeast and light the braziers to open the gate. On the platform below you’ll find a Soul Orb, Reaper Logbook and model Ancient Reaper Door.

Go back up the stairs and down the stairs to the north. Break through the low wall and you’ll find another Soul Orb and Logbook, as well as a Surveillance Device.

Get any upgrades you want from the Vault Manager and then take the door to the Lost Cemetery so we can find the way to the next area.

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