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The Final Frontier

From the Start walk backwards to trigger Secret #1 with a Backpack and Megasphere, then drop down the hole. Take out the 2 Arch Viles in the cages and carefully make your way up the pillars to the ledge with the Revenant.

From the stone pillars you can drop into the small pool below for Secret #2 with a Soul Sphere. The teleporter takes you back to the Start.

Drop off the third pillar to the Invulnerability Sphere below. Quickly take the teleporter back to the start, run up the stone pillars and take the next teleporter. Make your way around to the circular platform and press the 2 Switches. The one ahead lifts up a bridge and the one to the left releases an Arch Vile.

Head over the bridge to another area. Press the Switch just on the right as you enter but watch out for the Cyberdemon on a ledge far to the right.

Make your way around the thin ledge to the top. You’ll need to BFG the Baron of Hell along the way. Quickly take out the Chaingunners up the top and find a safe place from the Cyberdemon in the corner. There is a safe place in the corner where you can hit him with rockets and he can’t hit you back.

Once he’s been killed press the Switch and go down the lift. Grab the Radiation Suit and press the Switch by the Blue Door. An Arch Vile will be released in the north of this room. Kill the Arch Vile and then get ready for three secrets.

Find the pit with the Shotgun Guy in it in the eastern side of the blood floor. Press the Face Button to lower a wall to the east and step over it for Secret #3 with a Radiation Suit. Open the wall to the north and go through the teleporter. You’ll be taken to Secret #4.

Step forwards to trigger Secret #5 and use the BFG to kill the Revenants. Grab the Soul Sphere and Backpack at the end of the room and then take the teleporter back.

Drop down to the blood below and climb up the stone steps where the Arch Vile came from earlier. Up the top you’ll be able to dash across for the Blue Key.

Quickly go through a teleporter and run up the ledge to the top. Cacodemons and Pain Elementals will have been released from the red room up the top. The place where they came from is Secret #6.

Drop down and go to the room with the Blue Door. An Arch Vile will be released from an alcove opposite the Blue Door. Kill it and then explore the alcove. This is Secret #7.

Go through the Blue Door and take the teleporter behind it to the ledge that had the Cyberdemon. Go back through the teleporter and step onto the Exit to complete the level.

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