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The Death Domain

The Starting location is the southeast corner of a large outdoor area. Use the rocket launcher to take out the Chaingunners on the ledge to the right and clear out the Revenants and Arachnotrons however you want. Right near the Start you’ll find the Computer Area Map.

Clear out all the remaining enemies in and around the courtyard and then grab the Berserk pack in the northwest corner if you need the health.

Press the Switch on the west wall to lower down the stairs and go down. Clear out the Imps and make your way to the north. Activate the Switch to lower the lift but go across to the other side. Grab the Rocket Launcher and press on the Baron-Faced Wall. This opens a door back by the stairs. Go through the door to Secret #1. Take out the Mancubus and grab the boxes of rockets and shotgun shells if you need them.

Head back along the sewers to the north and this time ride the lift up to the top. Kill the Demons and press the Button, then drop down the lift and take the path to the east. When you step forwards the walls will lower revealing an Arch Vile and Hell Knights.

Use the BFG to kill them quickly. Continue forwardsa nd two more walls will open revealing 2 Chaingunners. Head to the east and go up the lift to the north for Secret #2 and a Soulsphere.

To proceed you’ll need to press the Button on one of the bookshelves. Quickly run up the stairs to the east while the way is open.

When you enter the next room quickly grab the Invisibility Sphere and stand in the corner. Chaingunners will lift up. Use the BFG to kill them all quickly.

Head through the door to the east and make your way around to the south. Take out the Lost Souls, Chaingunners and Arachnotrons in the rectangular room. Continue all the way to the south for the Yellow Key.

Take the lift down to an outdoor platform and Barons of Hell will come out of the alcoves. They’ll teleport all around the platform making them very hard to hit.

The Switch at the back of one of the alcoves lowest the fence to the courtyard so you can dash into one of the fenced-off pools. You’ll want to clear out all the enemies before you attempt the jump. There’s Hell knights in a small room to the west, an Arch Vile waiting for you outside the Yellow Door back out to the courtyard and Revenants locked in the fenced-off pools.

Clear them all out then go back up to press the Switch. Quickly dash across to the fenced pool and grab the Blue Key. You’ll be teleported to the other pool. Walk forwards and you’ll be teleported out to near the Blue Door.

Go through the Blue Door and head up the stairs. Most or all of the enemies should have been cleared out already. When you get to the circular room with the balcony shoot the thin door to the north. It’s not a secret but inside you’ll find a Megasphere.

If you follow the corridor to the south an alcove will open in the circular room for a few seconds. This also isn’t a secret but contains a Backpack and Rockets.

When you’re done step into the Exit on the balcony to complete the level.

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