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The Gateway of Hell

Grab the Megasphere and all the ammo you need before dropping down to the blood pool below. Grab the BFG and take out the Barons of Hells in the windows. Step through the teleporter at the end of the corridor to be taken to the next section.

When you appear you’ll be immediately attacked by 2 Arch Viles. use the pillars on either side to hide from them. Once they’ve been killed head take out the Chaingunners in the cages from the stairs.

When you move forwards the back walls will lower, revealing the rest of the level. Do your best to take out the enemies, especially the Arachnotrons in the far corners. Hide behind the walls on one of the sides. From here you can take shots at the Cyberdemon.

Once the Cyberdemon’s been killed grab the Megasphere on the ledge he was standing on before dropping into the hole in the center. Press the Switch on the right and then the Switch on the left to lower the center pillar. Ride it up and shoot a rocket at the Boss. You’ll need to hit the brain of the boss 3 times to destroy it and complete the game.

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