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Lunar Mining Project

You begin right next to the Blue Door which leads to the Exit but you don’t have the key yet. The main feature of this level is a large yard surrounded by rooms. Clear out the Gunners and snipe down the Arch Vile in the yard now if you want.

Make your way around to the east, go past the Red Door and open the door to the right. Inside you’ll find the Yellow Key.

Open the bookshelf next to the yellow key for Secret 1 with just some Shotgun Shells.

Continue down the corridor to the north and go through the Yellow Door to the large northern room.

Use the chair to get up to the central walkway and pick up the Red Key. When you walk into the small circular room with the Berserk pack a room will open behind you with Chaingunners.

Before dropping down open the wall with the electronic panel for Secret 2. Inside you’ll find more Shotgun Shells.

Take one of the lifts down on the north side into the cave system below. Clear out the enemies and make your way to the north west where you’ll spot a Megasphere on a pedestal. When you approach it two Barons of Hell will be revealed.

Grab the Megasphere for Secret 3 and quickly make your way back and turn right. Ride the lift up and dash across two gaps. Drop down into the next room and take out the Revenants.

Pick up the Blue Key from the shelf and follow the small river of slime into a dark room for a Soul Sphere.

Now that you have all the keys make your way back to the lifts. More enemies will have been released as you make your way back.

You can make your way to the Exit now because you have the Blue Key but you may want to go through the Red Door to explore the central courtyard for the Rocket Launcher.

When you’re done exploring open the Blue Door, kill the Barons of Hell and Chaingunners, then go through the Exit.

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