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River Styx

Run forwards and grab all the loot that you want. When you come out to the large open space kill the Demons and snipe of the Cacodemons and Lost Souls.

Take a look at the map to see the path through. You can only stand on the platforms with grey borders. They others will kill you instantly.

On the other side open the door and go through the passage to the next room. Run forwards to kill the Arachnotron in the small circle and run around the back to press the Button. This lifts up Arachnotrons and Revenants in the side ledges.

Take out all the enemies and run across the bridge to the south to push the Button. This opens the door to the east. Head through and make your way down to the next room.

Press the Switch and go through the next door. Watch out for the Cyberdemon up the stairs to the left.

Press the Button behind the Cyberdemon to lift up steps to the Red Key in the center. Climb up and grab it, then head through the Red Door to the south. Press the Button to lift up more stairs and climb up to step on the teleporter.

Grab the Rockets and Soul Sphere and then make your way through the gauntlet. There are enemies in cages on either side which you can run past and ignore or take the time to kill them. Either way step into the teleporter in the next room. This takes you to the boss fight and counts as this level’s only Secret.

There are two stages to this fight. First you must stand on the ledge of the steps and drop down to the Switch. Hitting the Switch lifts up more steps to the top platform.

Climb up the steps and clear out the top platform. Stand one step below the top and fire rockets at the Boss. Once three of them go through to the brain he’ll be defeated and you’ll win this campaign.

Congratulations on completing Final Doom: TNT Evilution!

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