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From the Start you’ll need to move quickly as there are many enemies wandering around. I prefer to make a dash across the moat to the south to pick up the Blue Armor and take out the enemies from here.

Make your way to the south side of this building and dash across the bridge to the southern building. Inside you’ll find the Red Key.

Make your way back to the central building and open the door on the southeastern side. Hit the Button behind it to lower all the Red Bars on this level.

While you’re near the central building stand on the steps on the western side and dash across to the ledge. From here you can dash over to Secret #1 with a Megasphere and BFG.

Stand in the window to the northwest of the central building and dash across to the platform outside. The Red Bars should be lowered so you can get access to this area.

Dash across to the building to the west and clear out all the enemies. Grab the Blue Key, leave the building and open the Blue Door to the north. Go through the teleporter and you’ll be taken to a platform on the eastern side of the map.

Head down to the south and make your way around to a Skull Button on a small ledge in the lava. Dash across to press the Button and dash back again. This lifts up steps back where you came from to the level Exit.

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