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Go 2 It

Go 2 It is one of the hardest levels in the campaign. You’ll face 13 Cyberdemons, 11 Pain Elementals shooting out Lost Souls, and 19 Arch Viles! Luckily there’s plenty of ammo and 9 Megaspheres to find.

From the Start grab the guns and ammo and step into the room to the left to reveal the Mancubus. Back out and head up the stairs to the right. I like to take out the 2 Arch Viles from here before they can do any damage.

Drop down into the room with the Arch Viles and stay away from the window to the right for now. Open the fake Exit door on the left and use the BFG to take out another 3 or 4 Arch Viles.

Go down the passage to the north but stay out of sight of the Cyberdemon in the circular room to the right. Hide around the corner or in one of the alcoves as you take him out. The Yellow Door is behind him but you’ll need to grab the key first.

Continue to a thin passage to the west that leads back to the Mancubus room. From here you can safely kill the Mancubus and other enemies in that room.

The exit on the south side of this room leads through a cave to the large courtyard with lots of enemies. The courtyard itself is Secret #1. Do your best to take them out then press the Button on the pillar with the Megasphere and Yellow Key to lower it. Grab them and quickly make a dash out of the courtyard as many more enemies will be released from behind the wall beside you.

Do your best to kill all the enemies and then run back to the Yellow Door. Open it and kill another Cyberdemon in the next small room. This is Secret #2 and contains the Red Key along with boxes of Rockets.

Head back out to the courtyard and kill all the enemies if they’re still there. Make sure you focus on the Arch Viles first or they’ll resurrect everyone else. When you’re done grab the Blue Key in the corner.

From here go to the Blue Door, open it and kill the Cyberdemon behind it. Grab the Megasphere and push the Button. This opens up a room behind the Mancubus room with more Cyberdemons and Barons of Hell. You may be able to get them to fight amongst each other.

When you’re done open the Blue Door, the Red Door behind it and the Yellow Door behind that to get to the Exit.

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