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Step forwards from the Start and the water will lower down. Take out the Shutgunners and enter the building. Hit the Switch to lower down the lifts but watch out for the two Barons of Hell that ride down with them.

Take one of the lifts up to a circular room. the Exit is here but you can’t get to it yet. Take out the enemies in the room to the north.

Walk down the steps and follow the water through the tunnel to the east. This leads around to a Rocket Launcher guarded by a few Mancubus. Open the door and hit the Switch. This opens a door in the previous room.

Backtrack and go through the door surrounded with blue lights. Head up the stairs and flip the Switch. This will drain the water to the west so you can get through to that section.

Take out the Revenants and follow the path to the west. Go into the room with Imps on the left for a Berserk pack. Shoot the north wall at the point the corridor turns down to the south for Secret 1 with Rockets and Health Bonuses.

From here head down the stairs to a small room with Switches. Press one of them and the walls will open. You’ll be surrounded by Demons and Chaingunners so take care of them quickly. Drop down to the west and get ready for a difficult section.

Lower one of the lifts and ride it up for the Blue Key. When you grab it many Chaingunners will start spawning in on the lifts. Try to get to a lift and ride it down so you can hide behind the green wall.

Once the Chaingunners have been dealt with head through the Blue Door to the north. Carefully take out all of the enemies in this room but watch out for the exploding barrels and damaging floor.

Run up the pillars and hit the Switch up the top. Drop down and take the lift up but watch out for the Reveant who will ride the lift down.

This will take you back to the room to the north of the Exit room. Press the Blue Switch to lower the bars to the Exit. When you walk onto the bridge two Arch Viles and Revenants will spawn in. Retreat to the previous room for cover and take them out. Once the room is clear head to the Exit teleporter to complete the level.

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