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Power Control

From the Start clear out the enemies in this circular room. when you go down the short corridors to the east and west a section of the center will open releasing more enemies.

Press the Green Button on the northern side of the interior circle to open up a teleporter. Step into it to be taken to a room to the north.

Clear out the enemies in this room and the next room to the north. Open the wall to the north east for Secret 1. The teleporter takes you to the room to the east with the blue key. Go through it but quickly come back again. There’s a better way to get the key.

Exit the room and open the door opposite to the large circular area. Make your way around the outskirts of the area doing a complete loop and taking out all the enemies along the way.

Once the exterior passageways are clear do a loop around the inner courtyard and make sure all the enemies are dead.

Once the area is clear go through one of the teleporters in the outer passageways. They take you to the central room with the Red Key.

Kill any remaining enemies and then pick up the Red Key. Turn to face the Green Armor and go through the teleporter just to the left of it. You’ll be taken back to the outer passages. Turn around to face the wall to the south and open it for Secret 2. Inside you’ll find an Energy Cell Pack and Health.

Take the teleporter back to the center and go through all the teleporters to explore the rooms with the Chaingunners.

When you’re done go through the Red Door to the north. Clear out the enemies and then go through the door directly ahead. Kill the Revenant and then open the wall to the west for Secret 3. Inside you’ll find the Rocket Launcher.

Leave the room and explore the other room to the north. Press the Green Button next to the door to lift up the bridge across to the other side. Once you run over to the other side a room will open with a Revenant and a few other enemies. Grab the Yellow Key and leave the room.

Head back to the large central courtyard and make your way to the Yellow Door to the east. Take out all the enemies inside and grab the Blue Key in the corner. When you grab it the Arch Vile will be released from the middle of the room.

Now that you have all the keys go back to the central courtyard and head through the door to the south. You might want to use Rockets to kill the Revenant and Mancubi. Open the Blue Door opposite and hit the Green Button to complete the level.

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