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From the Start clear out the enemies on and around the pyramid. Hit the Switches on the two small structures to lower the walls around them so you can grab the loot inside.

Enter the small building to the west, kill the Chaingunner and hit the Switch to reveal a path through the pyramid.

Take out the Imps on either side of the large room but don’t worry about the Anachrotrons. They’ll wake up later.

Head through the passage to the right (east). Take out the Hell Knights and Revenants and then flip the Switch at the back of one of the columns. Watch out for the Chaingunners and Demons on the way back out to the large room.

When you get back up two of the Arachnotrons will have woken up. Head up the steps to the west and go through the blue teleporter. This takes you to a small cave system with the Yellow Key.

Open the wall on the south side and press the Switch. This lowers one of the walls of the small structure so you can grab the Health Bonuses. Just watch out when you try to pick them up because the crusher above will activate.

On the way back through the cave Specters will have been released so take them out and go back through the teleporter. When you walk back down the stairs to the main room another 2 Anachrotrons will wake up.

Drop down over the edge at the end of the room and hit the Switch to lift up stairs so you can get back. Use the Yellow Key to lift up the Yellow Bar to the left and flip the Switch. This gives you access to a teleporter in the Starting area.

Climb up the stairs to the main room and deal with the final 2 Arachnotrons who will have finally woken up.

Head back out through the pyramid and go through the teleporter in the south east corner. This takes you to a large room on the eastern side of the map. Run forwards and use the BFG to take out the Revenants in the pool with the Soulsphere.

Kill the Gunners and Mancubus on the ledge above and then hit the Switch by the Mancubus. From this ledge you can dash into the pool to grab the Soulsphere.

Head into the room to the east and kill all the Gunners in the windows of the buildings above. Hit the Skull Button by the entrance and 2 Arch Viles will be released. Kill them and then hit the 2 Switches that appear at the end of the room. Then hit the two Switches that rise up by the entrance to this room.

Go back to the previous room and head up the stairs. A portion of the floor with the Arachnotron will have lifted up. Walk across it to Secret 1. Drop down on the other side, kill the Imp and hit the Switch. This opens the little rooms above and releases 3 Hell Knights. Ride the lift back up to take them out.

With that done a small door should have opened to the north. Go through it and head down the narrow corridor. At the torch turn to the right and go through the fake wall. Follow this corridor along to Secret 2 with Blue Armor.

Head back and continue past the torch. Ride the steps up and wait on the ledge looking over the main room. When the wall lowers on the other side take out the Pain Elementals.

Press the Switch to lower a lift on the platform where the Pain Elementals came from and drop down to ride it up. Press the Skull Button for Blue Armor and then drop onto the platform below for the Blue Key.

When you drop down and run past the Arch Viles they’ll wake up. One of them will teleport in front of you when you try to escape the pyramid so have your BFG ready.

Use the Blue Key to open the bars in the corner and go through the teleporter. You’ll be taken to a large outdoor area. Kill all the Mancubus on the ground and the Revenants up on the ledges.

Press the Switches on the white structures to lower the walls so you can get to the loot inside.

Open the door to the wooden house and press the Switch inside. This opens one wall of the house and also lowers a stone structure outside. Kill the Arachnotrons and then walk up the spiral steps to the Red Key.

A Switch will have lifted up near to the spiral steps. Hit the Switch to lower the surrounding walls. Shoot the Zombieman and Cacodemons will be alerted.

Take them all out and then hit the Skull Button hidden around a corner on the south side. This lowers a wall so you can reach the other Skull Button hidden around the corner just to the west.

Go through the teleporter back to the Starting area. When you enter the pyramid this time you’ll be attacked by a floating Cyberdemon.

Take him out and then drop down to the room beyond. Open the Red Bars and then hit the Switch. This opens a Switch on the throne to the right for a few seconds. Hit this Switch to open the door to the north.

Go through to the north and grab the Megasphere that’s revealed. Hit the Button behind it and quickly make your way back out of this room. Dozens of Gunners will spawn in. Give them a few seconds to gather together and then go back through the door to kill them.

When the coast is clear hit the Skull around to the right and then go up the stairs to the jetty to the west.

The normal exit is found by jumping down the hole in the south west corner. Instead drop into the water and open the wooden shed to the north. It’s filled with bonuses. Grab them all and then open the back wall to reveal the Secret Exit.

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