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The goal of this level is to pick up the three keys so you can flip the three switches. Each of the switches will open up the same colored bars leading to the Exit.

You Start roughly in the center of the map with lots of paths to explore. Clear out the enemies in the Starting area and surrounding corridors first.

Walk down the lava corridor on the south side of the Starting room and open the wall for Secret #1 with Rockets. Secret #2 can be found by opening the wall directly west of the Starting room. Inside you’ll find more Rockets.

Open up the wall in the corridor to the northeast of the Starting room for Secret #3. Step on the teleporter and the pillar will lower down, revealing an Arch Vile and Megasphere. Grab the Megasphere for Secret #4.

Open the door to the north of the Starting area and take out the Revenants on the pedestals. Open the next door and grab the Blue Key once you’ve dealt with the Hell Knights and Barons of Hells. Come back to the room south of the Start room for the Blue Switch.

From here head to the west and follow the passages and rooms up to the north. Eventually the path will turn out to the east and you’ll go through a passage that leads to a lava room with pathways branching off in multiple directions.

You’ll see the Yellow Key on a platform on the other side of the room. Enter the room and take the first path to the left. You’ll pass the Red Switch. Remember where it is for later. Continue up the stairs and press the Switch that lifts up.

Drop down and take the second path to the left. Follow the passage around to the left, take the lift up and grab the Yellow Key. Go back the way you came and open the Yellow Door. This is a shortcut back to the main area of the level.

Make your way over to the Yellow Switch in a room on the western side and flip it. Just one more key to find.

Open the Yellow Door to the south of the Blue Switch. Take out the Revenants and Pain Elementals and make your way around to a large room with Chaingunners and other enemies. Get close the Skull Button at the end of the lava and the two pillars will lower down releasing enemies.

Use the BFG to get rid of the Arch Viles and finish off any other enemies. Go back and press the Skull Button so you can head up the passage on the other side of the room.

Make your way around and drop down for the Red Key. If you need the health head down to the south side of the lava and press the Button. Take the lift up to a Soul Sphere. Drop back down and step on the teleporter to be taken back up to the passage above.

Go back to the northeastern area where you found the Yellow Key and flip the Red Switch. The Exit should now be clear. Make your way through the door in the southwest, open the Red Door, go through the teleporter and then the level Exit.

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