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From the Start quickly flip the Switch to lift up the pool of acid before you take too much damage and run through the passage to the west.

Take out the Imps, grab the Radiation Suit and continue through to the room to the north. Clear out the enemies and go through the fake wall in the northeast corner for Secret #1 with a few Health Bonuses.

Step up onto the thin ledges and run across to the room to the north. The Exit is just to the north but you can’t access it yet. Instead make your way around to the west and south until you find the Red Key. Quickly turn around and take out the enemies that are revealed behind you. Open the wall in the area that just opened for Secret #2. It has a Radiation Suit and a teleporter to the outside area.

Take the teleporter in the corner back and then head back to the room with the thin ledges. This time go through to the room to the east and open the Red Door on the north side. Follow the wide passage around and press the Switch in the room to the south once you’ve defeated all the enemies.

Go back to the door you passed earlier. The walls shout have lowered so you can walk around it. Dash down the steps to grab the Yellow Key.

Make your way back up and this time continue to the end of the wide passage to the Yellow Switch. This should unlock the Exit. Go back to the nukage pool and run along the ledge to the north. Continue into the room to the north for the Exit.

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