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The Temple of Darkness

From the Start kill the Shotgun Guys on the upper walkway and take the stairs up to the walkway yourself. Press the Switch on the wall just to the east of where you started to open the path to the north.

Take out the Revenants across from the small structure and the Hell Knights and Baron of Hell inside the structure. Head up the steps and drop into the teleporter. You’ll be taken to a room to the south but get ready with the BFG as Hell Knights will rise up around you.

Step into each of the four alcoves around the sides and press the four Buttons as they’re revealed. This opens up a corridor around the back of the teleporter. Hit the Switch to open the wall and step into the south side of the teleporter.

You’ll be taken to the next section and immediately attacked by Revenants. Quickly kill them and the Arachnotrons beyond the pit.

Take the optional lift up on the east side to clear out the Shotgun Guys and to grab the Blue Armor. Take the lift back down and go back to where you teleported in. Go through the small passage to the west.

Grab the Berserk pack and take out the Pain Elementals. Walk down the spiral stairs and across to the passage in the wall. Follow it around to the Switch and Yellow Key. Press the Switch and make your way back up the spiral stairs. A section of wall will have lowered to the south.

Kill the Revenants in the gazebos and the Chaingunners behind the bars and grab the Blue Key. For the one and only secret for this level lower the gazebo to the east and then press the Skull Button behind the west gazebo. This lowers a wall back around the corner with Secret #1.

Open the Blue Door behind the pit near to where you teleported in to this area and flip the Switch behind it. You can now walk out across the pit to grab the Red Key.

Drop down into the lava on the east side and follow the line of Rockets to a Radiation Suit and Megasphere. Kill the Mancubus and the Revenants on the steps guarding the Skull Buttons. Press both of the Skull Buttons to reveal a teleporter behind you and go through.

You’ll be teleported back to the start of this section but a group of Chaingunners will be behind you. Quickly run around the corner and snipe them off from cover.

Open the Red Bars and hit the Switch in the small room. Steps will lift up so you can get to the level Exit.

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